Agri-Tech Organics is an online ecosystem designed to integrate the latest in online resources and technology for the purposes of enabling rural farmers within Papua New Guinea to market and sell their produce from the comfort of their own homes with only the touch of a button.

Here at Agri-Tech Organics, we are tasked to facilitate the logistics and payment of locally grown produce from farmer to consumer; allowing for ease of acquisition and distribution of locally produced organic goods.

We are in the process of research and development into employing Blockchain Technology, allowing for the use of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum as a means of exchange globally, enabling farmers to participate within the global economy.



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We have recently developed our very own Cryptocurrency which we plan to use on the Agri-Tech platform as an additional payment method. We also plan to venture into other commodities such as Arts & Crafts and Eco-Tourism utilizing the same concept.

Whats New?

The Crypt as you may or may not know was a social network developed by our team here at ATO as an alternative to the more common Facebook and other similar Social Networks. From its creation several months ago, we were able to grow the social network to little over 200 members!

We have since taken the social network offline in our bid to upgrade some of its key capabilities, including auto tagging, video streaming, more sharing options and much much more! It is our aim to have the new look “The Crypt” Social Network Site up and running early 2019.

Again the main purpose of the Site was to encourage dialogue in matters pertaining to Blockchain/Cryptocurrency and other matters relating to Technological Advancements in General.  


We have been extremely busy the last couple of months developing our very own Cryptocurrency.

It has been probably the most challenging period in our rather brief existence as an organization, but on that same token it has been the most rewarding for us to date! Now just to recap on our goals in the shorter term, we have given ourselves the later part of 2018 in which to finalize our Coin design before its eventual deployment early 2019.

 We are please to advise that we have finalized our design and were able to package an Executable (.exe) self-installing Desktop E-Wallet for Windows 32/64 Bit PC’s and as a result we intend on going live after our tentative launch in March 2019. 

So that is something to look forward to come 2019, and work in currently on the way to develop an Android App that serves the same purpose. Keep an eye out for these development after our launch in March of 2019. 

If you are a farmer or anyone for that matter with sometime of value and wish to utilize our platform to showcase and sell your produce, contact us today! 

Our friendly team will advise you on the packages we have available and how everything works!

The technology in itself is relatively new here in Papua New Guinea so your feedback and indeed suggestions on how to improve our platform will go a long way.

Together we can take PNG to the Future and Beyond!


Watch how easy it is to install your Desktop Version of the Kumulcoin E-Wallet